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Entertaining Outside: Patio Project with Gazebo

before design patio is too small and tall plants make space feel confining

Client Design Goals

• Larger Patio for Entertaining
• Incorporate Gazebo into Space
• Provide some Shade

patio after design is large enough to entertain, feels like a spacious extension of the house; gazebo adds bug-free outdoor living
Before: Too-small Patio

Before: Too-Small Patio

A common mistake is to choose a patio size that is too small to entertain. This 10’x10′ patio felt even more crowded by the large shrubs placed around it. A feeling of enclosure is better achieved here with airy plants such as small grasses, perennials and ornament. Shrubs were moved and patio enlarged.

Site Analysis

• Meeting with Contractor
• Grade and Drainage
• Traffic Patterns from the house and through the yard
• Gazebo Siting options

Design Consideration: Fireplace

Here, the gazebo is on the West Side out of view. This photo representation shows an added fireplace.

Analysis of Needs with Budget
Consideration of options for:

• Sitting Wall for additional guests and feeling of enclosure
• Larger Patio for entertaining
• Include an Outdoor Kitchen, Fireplace, Water Feature
• Lighting
• Patio Materials: Bluestone, Pavers
• Additional Shade: Trees, Awnings, Pergola
• Plants
• Time for maintenance of completed work

Artistic Representation of View of Proposed Pond and Patio from Gazebo

Artistic Representation of View of Proposed Pond and Patio from Gazebo

Photo images are created then rendered to create a pleasing view. The pond was left out of the final design.

Actual View without Pond

Steps were eliminated for ease of travel and placed at entry to Back Yard

Proposed Design Layout of Gazebo with Pond

Proposed Design Layout of Gazebo with Pond

One of several design options, client chose layout without pond. Instead, a planting bed with ornamental tree was selected.

Design Proposals:

• Design Sketches
• Photo Imaging
• Suggested Plants

Construction Phase of Patio Build

Construction Phase of Patio Build


• Gazebo placed across from kitchen exit with paving to maximize ease of use
• Replaced desired bluestone patio with similar looking pavers
• Added outdoor lighting
• No additional features
• Small ornamental tree for shade
• Low maintenance perennials and fewer shrubs next to patio

Final Project Design with Gazebo, Sitting Wall, and Small Tree

Entry to Back Yard showing Gazebo

Entry Point to Patio shows Sitting Wall ahead with Path to Gazebo at left

One Year Later shows Plants begin to fill in

Final Planting Plan